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Youth Involvement

Our Family Mass

The 10.30 am Mass on Sunday mornings is a special Mass for families and strives to encourage the involvement of children. The opening procession includes parish children, who carry a small basket of flowers to be placed on the Altar. For pre-First Communion children this is an ideal opportunity for them to play a role in the Mass. The music is provided by the Junior Parish Choir and the Ministers of the Word are local teenagers.

Altar Servers

Our parish has a strong team of Altar Servers who have an important role assisting in Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Once a child has made their First Communion they can join the Altar Serving team.

Church Plays

Children of the parish participate in special feast days by acting out the story in place of the Homily. Holy Thursday, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day are special occasions when the children have a central role in the story being celebrated.

Youth Ministers of the Word

We like to offer our young people a chance to have active participation in Sunday Mass, especially those who have made their Confirmation. Already there are some young Ministers of the Word who read at the 10.30 am Family Mass. It would be great to have a larger roster. If you are interested please come to the Sacristy and pick up a form.



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